Be sure to watch this summer’s carnival which has a theme of TV favourites! 

The route begins at 2pm on The Common, and travels through: East Street, Thaxted Road, Peaslands Road, Mount Pleasant Road, Borough Lane, London Road, High Street, Castle Street, Little Walden Road, and back to The Common.

Start Time: Leaving the common at 14:00hrs to take on the 4 mile route.

Route: Procession route


Spectators: We welcome everyone to find a spot along the procession route.

Parking: Parking can be found in the usual places in town, Swan Meadow Car Park, Waitrose, Lord Butler Leisure centre or other car parks.  Please note that there will be a lot of traffic coming to the common and once the procession is in motion most of town will become impossible to drive through.

*If you are taking part in the procession, please read this important information for on the day reminders.*


The Line-Up!

Float No Parking Zone Vehicle Type Arrival Time Group Name Theme Person Responsible for Safety
1 G Car 13:30 Safety Car Jon Elven
2 G Car 13:30 Carnival Queen Nick Head
3 G Car 13:30 Carnival Queen Runners Up Malcolm Head
4 G Car 13:30 The Mayor Woody’s Dad
5 G Car 13:00 Audley End House and Gardens Mr Horse
6 G Car 13:00 Just Gym Gladiator Alex Sullivan
7 F Car 11:45-12:00 Thomas Cook Sian Flower
8 F Car 12:30-12:45 Castle Rock Anthony Dunn
9 F Tractor Mrching Band Stephen Perse Foundation – Dame Bradbury’s School Mr Bloom Tracy Handford
10 F Car & Trailer 11:45-12:00 Saffron Walden Dive Club Scuba Steve Mark Bushell
11 F Car 12:30-12:45 Calzone Super Mario Bros Ilyas Gunduz
12 Common Hill Lorry 12:00 The laughter specialists charitable Trust Casualty Annie Artis
13 Common Hill Lorry 12:00 The costume company Casualty Annie Artis
14 E Van 12:15-12:30 The Saffron Ice Cream Company Ice Cream Harry Band
15 E Van 12:15-12:30 Bright Horizons Crocus Nursery and Preschool Paige Bowkett
16 E Tractor 12:15-12:30 Saffron Walden Town Band Britain’s Got Talent Stephanie Thake
17 Common Hill Lorry 12:15 Saffron Walden Fitness Studio 70/80s Lorraine Thompson
18 Common Hill Lorry 12:30 Lord Butler Leisure Centre Baywatch Kerry Mulbregt
19 E Van 12:15-12:30 Tempos Performing Arts / Tiny Tempos Dancing Rebecca Oliver
20 E Van 11:45-12:00 Waitrose Supermarket Sweep Ian Haylock
21 E 11:45-12:00 Support 4 Sight Natalie Emuss
22 Common Hill Lorry 12:45 Saffron Scaffolding Ltd Avengers/Superheros Matt
23 E Cars 11:45-12:00 Saffron Walden Motor Show HeartBeat Mr R Abbott
24 D Bikes 12:15-12:30 Walden bikers sr20 fittings HeartBeat Mr R Abbott
25 D Tractor 11:45-12:00 New Life church Saffron Walden Open all Hours Dawn Dorrington
26 D Car 12:15-12:30 Bedazzle Performing Arts Grease Lisa Cureton
27 D Car 11:45-12:00 Victoria Avenue Gang Only Fools & Horses Malcolm Bright
28 Common Hill Lorry 13:00 1st Saffron Walden Scout Group Top of the Pops / Great British Bake Off Kevin Rule
29 D Trctor 12:15-12:30 Saffron Walden Cricket Club Rainbow Michele Hill
30 D Van 11:45-12:00 Highfield Care Home Bees Life Katie Howard and Anne Forbes
31 C Van 11:30-11:45 Saffron Walden and District Riding for the Disabled Black Beauty Helen Doust
32 Ashdon Road Lorry 12:00 Saffron Building Society I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Claire Hunnable
33 C Van 11:30-11:45 Saffron Walden Bouncy Castles Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Mark Walker
34 C Car 11:30-11:45 HyperFusion Theatre Company Sarah Ellis
35 C 11:15-11:30 St Clare Hospice Bollywood Gideon Sykes
36 Ashdon Road Lorry 12:10 “Fast and Furious” – Band on Tour Rock n Roll Steve Jackson
37 C Tractor 11:15-11:30 1st Saffron Walden Girl’s Brigade Mr Men & Little Miss Julia Attwood
38 C 11:15-11:30 Freshwell Youth Art Club Strictly Come Dancing Katharine Childs
39 C Car 11:00 – 11:15 Jazzercise Jazzercise Sarah Sansum
40 Ashdon Road Lorry 12:20 Harts Business Solutions Zoe Robinson
41 C Van 11:00 – 11:15 Moments Tracy Start
42 C 11:00 – 11:15 Girlguiding Saffron Walden Margaret Jacobs / Kate Beare
43 B Car 11:30-11:45 The Party Factory Sofia the 1st Sasha Spasic
44 Ashdon Road Lorry 12:30 1st Saffron Walden Boys’ Brigade Dr Who Mike Turner
45 B Tractor 11:30-11:45 Saffron Walden Rugby Club Rugby Smash Mrs Anthea Cassidy
46 B Car 11:30-11:45 SAFFRON SCREEN Andrew Frostick
47 B Car 11:15-11:30 Plantation Spartak Girls Football Club (SW PSG FC Matthew Gil
48 Ashdon Road Lorry 12:40 The Diamonds Top of the pops Nigel Tegg
49 B 11:15-11:30 Kelvin and Ian gardening The Muppets Ian morrison
50 B Cars 11:15-11:30 Steve Sparks Blast From The Past Steve Sparks
51 B Car 11:00 – 11:15 Sophie’s Fund Kellie Dorrington
52 Ashdon Road Lorry 12:50 Pure Rhythm School Of Performing Arts Flintstones Sue Raven
53 B Tractor 11:00 – 11:15 St John Ambulance Young People Lee Pearson
54 B Car 11:00 – 11:15 STRAP (Save the Railways Arms Pub) Tim Walker
55 A Car 11:45-12:00 Bar House Events Jodie Burgess
56 Ashdon Road Lorry 13:00 Buffy Playbus Buffy Bus promotion Joanne Flynn
57 A Car 11:30-11:45 Rotary Club of Saffron Walden John Eaton
58 A Car 11:15-11:30 Rotary Club of Saffron Walden John Eaton
59 A Van 11:00 – 11:15 Crocus Saffron Walden Nursery & Preschool Flintstones Paige Bowkett
60 Chaters Hill Lorry 12:00 Saffron Players Pantomimes Vanessa Cowell
61 A 11:45-12:00 Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline Club Francoise Lucas
62 Chaters Hill Lorry 12:10 Saffron Walden Swimming Club Andy Dunham
63 A Tractor 11:30-11:45 1st Newport Scout Group Horrible Histories Helen Howett
64 Chaters Hill Lorry 12:20 St Marys Primary School (SW) Kelly Compton
65 A 11:15-11:30 Saffron Walden Judo Club David Price
66 Chaters Hill Lorry 12:30 Adams Harrison Britain’s Got Talent Jenny Carpenter
67 A Tractor 11:00 – 11:15 Saffron Walden MENCAP Society Fawlty Towers Patrick Draper
68 A Van 11:45-12:00 Saffron Walden Lions Club Medical John Martin
69 Chaters Hill Lorry 12:45 Saffron Walden KYOKUSHINKAI Karate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ismail Yildirim
70 A A 11:30-11:45 Accuro Care Services Britains Got Talent Joanne Rich
71 A Car 11:15-11:30 St Marks College Peter Hillman
72 Chaters Hill Lorry 13:00 Essex Fire Service / Saffron Walden Station Fireman Sam Paul Curtis