Announcement – Carnival 2021 to be postponed until July 2022

It is with great regret that Saffron Walden Round Table has taken the difficult decision to further postpone the 8 Day Weekend Carnival planned for July this year.  Despite the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine and the recent announcement by the Prime Minister, phase 4 is not scheduled to take place until the 21 st June at the very earliest. That date is too close to the planned start date of Carnival and  as such does not make it possible for us to organise a large scale event at short notice.

As Organisers, we have an obligation to provide a safe event environment for all our suppliers, performers, volunteers and of course the entire community who support us in their thousands as well as balancing the financial risks that stretches into a six-figure sum. If there were to be any slippage with the lifting of restrictions, it would have a detrimental effect on our ability to meet both
obligations and therefore we simply cannot proceed this year.

There is some good news; the new dates are already confirmed as Friday 8th July to Saturday 16th July 2022 and for all those who have purchased tickets for our opening Family Night, One Night with Queen and The Blues Brothers, you will be able to carry tickets forward as all acts have agreed to perform next year. We are also extremely grateful to all our Partners and Sponsors who have also agreed to continue supporting us.

As a result of these exceptional circumstances, tickets purchased via our website will be eligible for a full refund up until the 30th September 2021.  In view of our decision to move the event to 2022, existing tickets will be valid and customers who would like to attend next year do not need to do anything at this time. We will announce more information as soon as we are able to do so and in
particular the dates for the 3 events already confirmed.

Having been unable to hold a number of our regular events for the Town, including Fireworks and the Easter Egg Hunt, SWRT will see if it is possible to organise something smaller this year but it will all depend on the progress over the coming months and based on Government guidance.

Any questions can be emailed to but we do ask for your patience with regards to a response, as we work through them as quickly as possible. Some FAQ’s are down below on the page

Many local organisations, charities and great causes will be impacted by the decision not to hold a Carnival this year. In prior years the profits made have been used to make material differences to 1000’s of local people.  Saffron Walden Round Table is still committed to using its resources and available funds to help those in need, particularly at this time.

We understand that many people have been adversely affected by the impact of Covid-19 but for those who can and would like to, we are making it possible to make a donation so that we can continue our great work in the community.

Please click on the link below to make a donation to the charitable trust of Saffron Walden Round Table.


Yes.  Any person who has purchased a ticket via our official website is entitled to a full refund based on the extreme circumstances that have caused the postponement of Carnival 2021.  We understand that it is not always easy to secure a ticket for some of our events which is why we would like to offer all those people the chance the roll their ticket over to next year.  Those who prefer a refund will be able to contact us in the coming days in order to secure that. The option of a refund will remain available until 30th September 2021.  For those who are happy to keep their ticket for next year, there is nothing further you need to do at this time.

We have worked hard to secure as many of our acts for 2022 but it is too early for some to commit as a result of major rescheduling.  We will announce the line-up as soon as we can but at least 75% have already indicated they will play at the rescheduled Carnival.

No. There is still a waiting list of over 300 for our popular Queen tribute night.  Any tickets that are refunded will be offered to the next in line on our waiting list as soon as we are in a position to announce more information.

Please request a refund by the 30th September 2021.  We do not know the revised dates as yet.

We will still need your help and support, but not this year.  There is nothing you need to do at this stage. Our manning team will make contact in 2022.

Unfortunately not.  The Carnival is underwritten personally by the 20 members of Saffron Walden Round Table and both the financial and health risks are too much of an unknown at this time.  It takes 18 months to organise the Carnival and would be near impossible to do it as such short notice. We also have contractual obligations that carry huge penalties for late cancellation and need to mindful of these.  We also require the support of the emergency services and at this is not the right time to be detracting them from the great work they are doing in the community.

A new date will be issued in due course and everybody will get an extra year to plan and build their float.

There will still be a programme and we would very much like for you to continue to do so.  We intend to sell the few remaining advertising spaces but will refund you if you choose to no longer advertise with us.