Tug of War

The Tug of War has been a long standing competition for the 8 Day Weekend and we are excited to be bringing the event back to this years Super Sports Sunday on Sunday 10th July 2022.
Before you enter a team please make sure you read below and you understand the rules and the safety before then filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Tug Of War Rules

The competition will commence with the command from the judge `Pick up the rope`, then `take the strain`, thereupon the two teams move back until the rope is taught and the judge inserts the marker flag opposite the central marker on the rope. The teams lean back on the rope and the judge gives the command ` Pull` whereupon the two teams then pull with all their strength. The length of the pull will be 12 feet which is measured by two markers on the rope each six feet from the centre. When either mark passes the stick placed in the ground by the judge at the central point of the rope when starting competition, the other side has won that match.

  1.  Teams to consist of six members.
  2.  No spiked footwear. Raised heels up to a maximum of ¼ inch (7mm) allowed on footwear (to be inspected).
  3.  Gloves may be worn.
  4.  Overall pull to be 12 feet and winner is the team to pull their opposition 6 feet from the starting mark.
  5.  No hand over hand pulling allowed. Team members must go back with rope when pulling.
  6.  Anchorman to loop rope around one shoulder to secure rope. No knot is permitted on the rope end.
  7.  All team members to remain on their feet at all times, no hands are persistently allowed on the ground apart from the anchorman who is permitted to use one hand on the ground.
  8.  Teams through coaches or captains will be reminded of the rules prior to commencement of competition. Only coaches can consult with the judge and the judge’s decision is final.
  9.  Direction of pull will be decided by toss of coin.
  10.  Prior to commencement of pull, judge will ask teams if they are ready, then give the command `take the strain`, at this point team members may heel in, when teams are balanced, order to `pull`, is given and the match has commenced.
  11.  Teams will leave area of competition during matches in which they are not involved.
  12.  Two warnings for infringements of the rules or inappropriate behaviour will be given. A further warning will result in disqualification.



Wrapping the rope around the arm can result in a broken bone and loss of blood flow. Wrapping the rope around the wrong part of the body can cause internal injury, and wrapping it around the neck is very dangerous.

Spikes and studs in the footwear can cause injury when a pull collapses. They can also cause strains and breaks if the feet get stuck in the ground.

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