Saffron Walden Carnival Team

Carnival 8 Day Weekend Chairman

Introducing your Carnival 8 Day Weekend Chairman Nick Head.

Despite his best intentions that 2017 was to be his last 8 Day Weekend, Nick is leading this exciting event. Nick is known to many as the face of Carnival by being compere and introducing the various acts on stage, however, he has also been a major part of the Indoor events team for most of the last 25 years booking acts such as The Real Thing, Bjorn Again, Odyssey, Tony Hadley, Nik Kershaw, with the last carnival succeeding in a sell-out final party night by securing 5ive and S Club.

Having lived in Saffron Walden for over forty years attending RA Butler & SWCHS, Nick was a keen footballer, originally with the very first Plantation Youth team and then with Saffron Rangers and encouraged by his son, has just started coaching with Saffron Walden Community Youth FC. Nick’s has a passion for music and formerly was a Roadie and occasional stand-in drummer role for the much loved ‘Wrinklies’ and a regular DJ in the town some 25 years ago (now safely retired). Nick said “it seems fitting in my last year as a member of Saffron Walden Round Table, I have been entrusted with the Chairmanship of what is seen by many as the pinnacle event of the year for the town and an one that dates back to June 1958. I have a great team around me and between us we are looking forward to meeting the challenge of hosting this incredible event”

“My vision is clear” Nick comments. “It’s a Carnival for the town & surrounding villages of Saffron Walden, supported predominantly by those who reside and work here. Each and every penny of profit we make is distributed back into the community to support local charities and good causes and these funds make material differences to those that need it the most. It’s important I recognise those who support us with their sponsorship, time, services, all the emergency services and every person who attend throughout the 8 days. I always like to reiterate that all the Round Table members give their time for free along with our army of volunteers, and thousands of hours will go into the planning and delivery of the Carnival. It is now an enormous undertaking and will cost over £100,000 to create the infrastructure before we even look at booking an act and so we rely on local support to make it happen.

Photo – Nick Head (centre) with members of the Round Table / 8DayWeekend Team

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